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Los Callejeros wants to take everybody on a musical journey to different worlds, inspired by intercultural encounters, both local and international. With their incomparable sound of the world-mestizo beat, these globetrotting artivists will swipe you off your feet in an overwhelming party.

Every callejero adds his own musical identity to the melting pot, freely experimenting with Afro-latin grooves, Etnic-folkmusic, reggaeskanks, jazz and rock, balkan gipsy stuff and a pinch of European tears.

Their urban slang poetry sings about the great clichés of life, social conscience and the great themes of our world in different languages. Los Callejeros has a reputation for being a heart-warming musical surprise.

Callejero [ ka-jee-chee-ro],
I noun street musician - encounter - street greaser - melting pot - confrontation - visions on life - mestizo· malegria · los locos del barrio · world citizenship · globe-trotter artivist    II adj - from the street - street - street life - stray dog - spontaneous - intercultural - authentic - from the world - voluntary - cross medial - personal - self-willed   III verb to be on the road - to jam   IV excl. · pata de perro – pura vida · chido · chevere · ubqumao!

Los Callejeros bestaat uit:

  • ‘El Paquito’ Frank Mercado Avalos : vocals, quena, gaita and accordeon
  • ‘El QT’ Peter Morris : vocals, guitar
  • ‘El Jéfé’ Jef Gravez : double bass
  • ‘Dr Chaos’ Luis Valle Moya : guitar, jarana and quijada
  • ‘El Diablo’ Christophe Millet : congas and percussion
  • ‘El Doeffe’ David Vertongen : drums and percussion
  • ‘El Dino’ Sam Versweyveld : trumpet, concha, scrutie-box and vocals
  • ‘Danito Morado’ Daan Morris : trombone, keyboard and vocals