The band Los Callejeros has its roots in the musical documentary 'Caro o Moneda', shot in Cuba. This heart-warming and endearing culture-bridging documentary was selected for the Docville 2006 documentary festival. The project and its makers stirred enthusiasm among a number of professional musicians and gave birth to the band Los Callejeros.

 Their first album, 'El Camino es el Destino', was released in 2008. Even Selah Sue, a beginning artist at that moment, contributed to the CD with a hidden track. Los Callejeros then went to Peru to shoot the docu-clip 'Mas Corazon'. This kick-started their tour of the same name, bringing their street-vibe to larger stages.

Apart from playing traditional stages, the band decided to tour with a self-managed mobile podium. This allowed them to take their music to wherever their path led them and meet their audiences everywhere in an intimate setting.

2011 saw the release of their second album 'Presente!', including collaborations with the Portuguese band 'Terrakota', Belgian band 'Les Talons Gitans', and the local social-artistic project 'MurgaLova'. And the end of the same year, the band went to Barcelona to record a new videoclip, 'Amourouse '.

During their travels through South-America, the band's were inspired by all people and sounds they met on their road, of which the first two albums bear witness. Later, back in Belgium and taking full advantage of the Belgian melting-pot, new songs emerged, and they ended up on the third album, 'Ukamao!', released in february 2015. 

Los Callejeros played, among other festivals and venues, Colora Festival, Mondihalle, Rootstock, Patersholfeesten, Marktrock, Het Depot, De wereldfeesten, Fiesta Mundial, Soirée tropical, Route Du Soleil (France), Couleur Café, Polé Polé, Vijverfestival, Gitannekesfoor, Outremeuze. Their musical collaborations include artists like percussion band Lokomotiv, Xamanek, Alfredo Valiente, Buritaca, Kollasuyu-Ñan, Dirk Timmermans (The Internationals) , Ipiraña, Monterey from Cuba and Sanstilloh from Leuven.