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'Ukamao' is a phrase from Aymara, a language spoken by Native Indians in Bolivia and Peru. It roughly translates as 'it is so'.

Los Callejeros learned about this piece of wisdom during an interview with Bolivian musician Raul Uriarte, while shooting the videoclip 'Via del Sonqo'. Raul spoke about the fact that many people are constantly looking for an explanation as to why things happen the way they do. But in Aymara, there is an answer to this question : 'Ukamao'. It is so, so it is.

'Ukamao !' has been released on CD and vinyl.


The second album by Los Callejeros, the first to be recorded entirely in the studio. The album is conceived as a radioshow by radio charango, utilising samples that Los Callejeros gathered during their trips through South-Amerika.

Màs Corazòn

Single recorded in Peru during the month of decembre 2008.

As a soundtrack for the videoclip that was shot at the same time.

Was released in 2009 also on the CD  'A Belgian World Music Compilation'.

El Camino es El Destino

The first album by Los Callejeros released in 2008. Sounding very organic and authentic, a mix between studio recordings and live multitrack recordings with a variety of musicians in Belgium and Cuba. Available via iTunes or CD.

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