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These Leuven “globetrotting artivists” bring an idiosyncratic sound in which there is free experimentation with Afro-lating rooves, Etnic-folk music, reggaeskanks, jazz & rock influences, Balkan gypsy rhythms and a touch of European tears. Urban slang poetry about life-encompassing clichés & visions of worldly themes are ready to stimulate your imagination and transport you to a heartwarming southern folk festival.

You can book Los Callejeros with two different concepts:


  • Stage performance

  • 8 musicians

  • 1 sound engineer

  • set of +/- 75'

  • Technical rider on request

El Ritmo Macadam

In 2015 we developed a new concept. A flashy yellow caravan was transformed into a beautiful musical backdrop. A warm audience and only one socket is all you need for a spontaneous southern folk party. Throw some Cumbia, Balkan, Reggae, Afro and a portion of joie de vivre into the mixer and enjoy a tasteful sensation that comes from this world cuisine. In addition to the unique, atmospheric experience of this project, it also brings numerous organizational benefits


For more information you can send an email via this form or contact us via the details below.

Belgium :


(Frank Mercado-Avalos)

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The Netherlands:


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