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The group

These Leuven-based “globetrotting artivists” bring an idiosyncratic sound in which there is free experimentation with Afro-latin grooves, Etnic-folk music, reggaeskanks, jazz & rock influences, Balkan gypsy rhythms and a touch of European tears. Urban slang poetry about life-encompassing clichés & visions of worldly themes are ready to stimulate your imagination and transport you to a heartwarming southern folk festival.

Callejero [ka-jee-chee-ro],

I m  busker meeting_ street nerd melting pot confrontation visions of life mestizo world citizenship logriarios losgriarios mestizo · Globetrotter · Artivist    II bnw ·_of the street · street -  *street experience *streetwise*perro ~ stray dog · spontaneous · intercultural · authentic · voluntary · cross-media · personal · idiosyncratic _III ww · being on the road · jamming   IV_  pura vida chido chevere ubqumao!


Los Callejeros consists of:

  • 'El Paquito' Frank Mercado Avalos : vocals, quena, gaita and accordion

  • 'El QT' Peter Morris : vocals, guitar, charango

  • 'El Jéfé' Jef Gravez : double bass

  • 'Dr Chaos' Luis Valle Moya : guitar, Jarana and quijada

  • 'El Diablo' Christophe Millet : congas and percussion

  • 'El Doeffe' David Vertongen : drums and percussion

  • 'El Dino' Sam Versweyveld : vocals, trumpet, concha, shruti box

  • 'Danito Morado' Daan Morris : vocals, trombone, mini choir

The story

Los Callejeros is the result of the musical documentary project 'Cara o Moneda' that was shot in Cuba. Cara o Moneda is a cross-cultural documentary that leaves a heartwarming spell. This disarming documentary was promptly selected for 'Docville 2006'.

The project quickly aroused the interest and appreciation of a range of professional musicians. The project and the band Los Callejeros was born.

At the beginning of July 2008 the first CD 'El Camino es el Destino' was released. Selah Sue even got a spot on the CD with a hidden track. Los Callejeros went to Peru to shoot the docu-clip 'Mas Corazon'. This was also the start of their eponymous tour that brought the street atmosphere to the bigger stage. 

In addition to this traditional production, they also decided to tour with a mobile stage. In a creative way they created the possibility to bring their music to the most diverse locations and to meet their audience in a very personal way.

In 2011 there was the release of the second CD 'PRESENTE!' … For this album we collaborated with, among others, the Portuguese 'Terrakota', 'Les Talons Gitans' and the social-artistic project MurgaLova. 

In the autumn it was decided to record a new music video in Barcelona, 'Amourouse'.

During their travels across South America, the group became inspired by the people and sounds they encountered on their path, and the first two albums are clearly the result of this. Taking advantage of the unique Belgian melting pot, new songs were born, which ended up on the third album, 'Ukamao!', released in February 2015.


Los Callejeros continues to evolve and their musical journey is far from over. Their upcoming album "Fortuna" promises even more musical highlights. A collection of stories about love, hope and the search for happiness. Get ready for an adventure full of rhythm and emotion.


Los Callejeros has already played, among other festivals and venues, @ Colora Festival, Mondihalle, Rootstock, Patersholfeesten, Marktrock, Het Depot, De wereldfeesten, Fiesta Mundial, Soirée tropical, Route Du Soleil (France), Couleur Café, Polé Polé, Vijverfestival, Gitannekesfoor, Outremeuze. Their musical collaborations with other musicians include percussion band Lokomotiv, Xamanek, Alfredo Valiente, Buritaca, Kollasuyu-Ñan, Dirk Timmermans (The Internationals) , Ipiraña, Monterey de Cuba and Sanstilloh from Leuven.

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